After a crazy weekend before the deadline, we finally managed to put something playable together for LibGDXJAM.

We"d love you to have a go, and leave some feedback.

We are definitely aware of the shortcomings of the game. We spent a lot of the jam working on a custom Overlap2D level loader and not so much on actual content, so you can actually finish the game in under a minute. I guess the difficulty (or lack of readability) may make it slightly longer, which is also a bit bad. The movement system could have done with a bit more fine tuning as well.

However, we do believe the game has potential! Thanks to @DrillerDev, we had great character art an animations. The mechanics offer nice possibilities, which currently remain hidden due to lack of content. Not to mention the humour opportunities and the characters" comicality.

I will try post some technical articles on the project. We used Ashley and some folks may find interesting how we tackled certain details such as the scene hierarchy or the animation selection system.

Next time we should follow the advice @McFunkypants gives in The Game Jam Survival Guide!