Sion Tower

Apr 2 2011 · 1 min read · Comments


Open source multiplatform tactical action 3D game in which the player controls a young magician who has to defend the Sacred Tower from an enemy invasion.

It was my final degree project and it won the V Open Source University Contest, a national competition in Spain between university students.

  • Role: project leader, game designer, sole programmer and level designer.
  • Year: 2011
  • Development time: 6 months
  • Team: 1 3D artist, 1 2D artist, 2 musicians and 1 sfx artist
  • Technology: C++ language using Ogre3D, OIS, MyGUI and SDL
  • Download: source code.

Screenshots and development process


  • Four levels, three types of enemies and three kinds of spells.
  • Content creation oriented engine.
  • Scene loading from Blender.
  • Collision detection, filtering and response system.
  • Music and 3D audio.
  • Pathfinding based on navigation meshes.
  • Multilanguage: English and Spanish.