My friend Jay and I recently took part in Godot Wild Jam, a week long game jam where entries must be made using Godot Engine.

We had an absolute blast! The result is Plague, a procedurally generated action platformer. You can play it in the browser and use either a gamepad or keyboard!

Don't congratulate us on the visuals just yet, we used the Rogue Noir asset pack. However, you can check out our messy code on Github.

The main theme of the Jam was "Plague" although there were three aditional optional wildcards:

  • 🕺 80s Baby! - Recreate the visual style of 1980s media.
  • 🎲 Take a chance on me - Create a system of chance in your game.
  • ☔ I wish it would rain - Implement weather effects.

Even though many aspects of the game could be improved, we're quite satisfied with the outcome. Especially because we had to manage day jobs and other compromises alongside the jam. Hopefully, I will get around to write a full post-mortem after the voting period ends and the final results come out.

In the meantime, give it a go and let us know what you think!