I've been a busy bee lately but here it comes yet another post with a piece of not so relevant news related to my projects.

Even though I've always been kind of sceptical about GitHub, I've finally decided to migrate most of my projects. After getting a bit deeper into the libgdx community over there, I've come to see the benefits of this self proclaimed social coding platform. Forking, pulling and giving/receiving feedback is easy and motivating (kind of a must when working on side projects). This way I"ll also force myself to use Git, which is full of love and we"re here to learn aren't we?

I've successfully exported the following projects, now available from my profile:

In order to carry out the migration whilst keeping the full commit history I've used svn2git. It's just a ridiculously easy to use Ruby script built upon the git svn tool. I could write a post on how to do it, but it"d be pointless since it's very well detailed in the project's readme.

Expect updates soonish!