Ludum Dare 38 starts in a couple of hours. This one is special as it marks the 15th anniversary of the biggest weekend game development friendly competition in the world!

If you don't know about Ludum Dare and are interested, check the documentary they just released.

I was thinking of participating using Godot Engine. I have a couple of social compromises this weekend and, honestly, I am a bit scared of failing miserably, so I'm not too sure how far I'll take this one.


The initial theme voting stages have taken place throughout the week and now it's down to the final round. The final theme will be announced right when the competition starts.

16 themes made it into the final round, I picked my top 5 and came up with quick pitches for each one of them. I know, some call this cheating but chances of success and for any of these themes to win are rather slim anyway!

Parallel Dimensions

Split-screen platformer where you control the same character in two parallel universes. Simple but slightly different levels. The goal is to reach the end, however hazards may be placed in different locations and both characters need to make it alive.

Inspiration: Ninja Twins

Pausing has Consequences

Rogue-like that becomes increasingly harder the longer you take to find the exit to each level. Enemies keep respawning.

Inspiration: Heroes of Loot and Left 4 Dead.

Two Colors

Visceral top-down action game where everything is grayscale except for blood.

Inspiration: Hotline Miami meets Sin City.


You're a castaway who must survive in a procedurally generated island. Find food, shelter, craft tools and keep threats off.

Inspiration: Stranded Deep and Castaway

Everything has a Cost

Strategy card game where you're a stock broker. Climb up the ladder, make money or get fired. Stay honest or rot in jail!

Inspiration: Reigns

Good luck everybody!