Life in Kingston goes on and it's time to get some work done. Hope Caton, who was the plot writer in Tomb Raider IV and currently works as a teacher here at Kingston University, is organizing InKUbator. It's a extra-curricular activity in which students can team up with the only goal of developing a great game. More on that in the following paragraphs.

InKUbator comes with extra sweetness since guest speakers from the games industry are coming. If this wasn't enough, students who join InKUbator might get free tickets for industry conferences in BAFTA. It's all about boosting our portfolios, making connections, working as a team, getting to know the market, challenging our abilities and testing our creativity.

We gather weekly and, although it's been roughly two weeks, I"m already excited about the direction my project is taking. It's too soon to talk what we"re working on, however I promise I"ll post details about it as soon as possible. I"m really focused in making the most of this experience, which I couldn't have access to if I wasn't in the UK as an Erasmus student.