Indie Game: The Movie

Jun 23 2012 · 3 min read · Comments


It's the sum total of every expressive media of all times made interactive, how is that not awesome!

I recently watched with a few friends Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary that shows the development process of a few independent small budget games and what drives their authors to work in such a competitive industry. I was fairly excited about watching it since the trailer highlighted some of the reasons I chose this career path. However, bare in mind that all that glitters is not gold.

Indie Game features three well known independent games being Super Meat Boy, Braid and Fez. Their developers have proven themselves to be talented, creative people who took a ridiculously huge risk in order to do what they"re truly passionate about: video games. That is definitely worth respect. However, I feel the necessity to point out the fact that not every game developer in the world is as those shown in the documentary.

They are generally normal, non tormented, cheerful people who don't have problems to socialize over a couple of beers. Most of them, actually, love beer. It's important to remark the line between medium/big studios where the mere commoners do not take the financial risk and the two people company who basically bet their future on its success. I"d also be pretty stressed about it. Indie Game: The Movie is exclusively about the latter.

What's good about this film is how it shows the passion and love these developers feel about what they do. You learn that, despite all the extenuating and brain melting crunching hours, the outcome of people having fun and experiencing all kinds of feelings with something you've created is amazing. Of course there's also some people who like to play the misunderstood bohemian artist role, if you saw it already, you know what I"m talking about [cough] Braid! [/cough].

Forget about my negative comments, Indie Game: The Movie is definitely worth a watch for several reasons. To know more about the making of a video game and to understand why their authors are so excited about them could be two good examples. Furthermore, it's very well put together, reasonably cheap ($10), comes completely DRM free, allows streaming, 1080p download version and includes subtitles.