✏️ Introducing Doodle, a crazy drawing & guessing chain game. Think Pictionary meets Telephone. Better played with your friends over a video call!

doodle brainstorming

🏠 Doodle is a little side project I made during covid-19 confinement to play with friends while we cannot meet face to face. Initially, I thought the crisis would end before I finished it, which would make me lose interest. Little did I know! Not only did I finish it, Doodle has already lightened up the mood in a few remote evenings.

💻 The game is entirely written in Typescript, which I had never used before. I've had lots of fun building it, getting feedback and playing with friends. I hope to soon post a more detailed post-mortem on the whole process. Maybe even a couple of articles about things I learned.

🤓 In the meantime, you can check out the source code on Github.

🙌 Give it a try and be sure to let me know any thoughts or feedback!