A few months back, I was contacted by Packt Publishing to see whether I was interested in being a technical reviewer for an upcoming libGDX book, to which I gladly accepted. Titled Learning libGDX Game Development, goes through all the basic features while building a multi-platform project from scratch.

Andreas Oelhke, author, has done what I believe to be a pretty good job, mostly thanks to the incredibly practical approach he's taken. I've read many game programming books that explain in depth how a given technology works, but don't teach the newcomer how to put everything together. Oh boy, I remember that feeling! Even though, it requires some basic games and Java knowledge, the reader will feel his hand held by the explanations at all times.

The book hits the reader towards deeper and more complex topics to expand on, which makes it an excellent starting point. It's not rare to encounter people in the forums asking too general questions because they don't know how to get something going and I believe this could fill the gap.

As I"m not the author, I feel quite comfortable speaking highly about it. Learning libGDX Game Development is coming out this September, so make sure to check that out. Regardless of my little involvement, I"m actually quite excited about it!