A new Ashley package has shipped, making 1.6.0 the latest stable version. Here's the summary of the changes:

  • API change: Component is now an interface.
  • API addition: adds getEngine() to EntitySystem.
  • API addition: EntityListeners now are notified by priority order.
  • API consistency: defines what happens when an Entity is added twice to an Engine and when we try do nested updates. We throw an exception in both cases.
  • API consistency: adding an EntitySystem of the same class twice replaces the previous one, just like it has always happened when adding Components to an Entity.
  • Update: uses Libgdx 1.6.4.

Note that this version introduces API breaking changes. However, fixing your code will be trivial. To use it, change your dependency to com.badlogicgames.gdx:ashley:1.6.0. The new nightly dependency is com.badlogicgames.gdx:ashley:1.6.1-SNAPSHOT. As usual, all unit tests are passing and the wiki is up to date. Please keep up the good work sending more pull requests and reporting bugs.