A new version of Ashley, your favourite component based entity framework is out. The 1.4.0 version comes with a bunch of bug fixes that, hopefully, will iron out some of the rough edges in Ashley.

  • API deprecation: finallt removed the Family.getFor() methods. In order to retrieve a family, you can do Family.all().one().exclude().get().
  • API change: makes family Builder package protected.
  • Bug fix: EntityOperation and ComponentOperation are now properly reset when put back into their pools. This doesn't affect the API at all and it's an implementation detail fix.
  • Bug fix: fixes PooledEngine always returning new components.
  • Bug fix: fixes GWT build.
  • Bug fix: avoids removing a PooledEntity twice.

To use it, change your dependency to com.badlogicgames.gdx:ashley:1.4.0. The new nightly dependency is com.badlogicgames.gdx:ashley:1.4.1-SNAPSHOT.

As usual, all unit tests are passing and the wiki is up to date. Please keep up the good work sending more pull requests and reporting bugs.