Just under a month of the first official release we are ready to release a new stable version: Ashley 1.1.0. Here is the list of changes.

  • Performance improvements: massive performance gains with O(1) component retrieval through ComponentMapper and the use of Array<Entity> rather than IntMap<Entity>. Unfortunately this changes the API slightly, but hopefully you guys will appreciate the benefits.
  • Complete Ashley manual: now the wiki has a lot more content, it fully covers Ashley. The rest is sugar.
  • API Cleanup: renames Family.getFamilyFor() to Family.getFor() for simplicity.
  • Configurable pools: PooledEngine now accepts the initial and maximum sizes for the entity and components pools. This will add a lot more flexibility to bigger games.
  • Libgdx 1.3.0: Ashley now depends on gdx-core 1.3.0.

Keep the feedback coming and happy coding!