5 years old

Jul 21 2014 · 2 min read · Comments

This blog is now a lustrum old. A few days ago I received the yearly invoice from the hosting company, curiosity kicked in and made me check the date for the first one. I was surprised to see it's from July 2009 and thought a recap was in order.

It might have been possible to say that 5 years can make a blog be referred to as veteran. If we were in 2010. That is no longer the case. There are many blogs out there that have been delivering high quality content for over 10 years now (and beyond). However, I believe that having kept doing this all this time is something one can be proud of.

In absolute terms, the numbers are far from impressive, although they mean a lot to me. There's some really awesome content out there, why would people spend some of their valuable time reading this? This blog has had over 300K hits! Add it to the list of unsolved mysteries. I've posted 235 entries, which, to be fair, it isn't that much considering we're talking about a 5 year span. There's an average of 3.75 comments per entry, not a lot but decent given that a lot of the discussion has moved to social networks like Twitter.

Embarrassingly, I started writing in Spanish about films, TV shows and concerts with the assertiveness of a true connoisseur. Past me was clearly a fool. In 2010, the topic started shifting towards technology and computery stuff. Once I moved to the UK in September 2011, all articles were in English and I'd only write about programming and games development.

Currently, the most popular articles in English are:

Well, hopefully, I'll be able to keep doing this for a lot longer.