This hasn't been a particularly productive week for my One Game a Month quest. Luckily enough, it wasn't completely wasted as some stuff has, indeed, been done. Coding after work and taking care of so many other things it's unsurprisingly tough. I"m still looking for that guy who sells hours, so I can append them to a regular day.

Except for the art, I pretty much did everything I promised. Actually, it's better if I make a game first and then worry about the art, as I learned from my Ludum Dare experience.

  • Spaceship with basic touch controls
  • Collisions
  • Camera following behavior
  • Astronauts basic abduction mechanic

Here's a silly WIP video but, please, don't mind the art nor the general feeling. The spaceship movement needs a lot of tweaking.

This week I"m resolved to accomplish the following:

  • Victory and defeat mechanic
  • Working HUD with placeholders
  • Improved control and abduction system

I"m out!