New beginnings


It’s been almost a full quarter since the last blog post, shame on me! How could I dare commit such outrageous atrocity, right? To be completely honest with you, I hadnĀ“t been so busy in a very long time.

In a spark of madness, after Math Maze was done, I partnered with a publisher to start writing a game development book. Let me tell you right now, combining a full time job and a side project full of deadlines is a hazardous cocktail ready to blow up in your face, making you require serious reconstructive surgery. It didn’t matter how much safety net time I added to the schedule, I was wrong every time. Fortunately enough, the publisher has been most understanding so far and we"re currently studying alternatives such as coauthorship.

There has been, however, a much more serious issue at hand. Just before Christmas, I made the decision to leave Crytek UK to go to Sony Soho to work as a programmer in the R&D department.

I"m starting today!

My adventure in the games industry started at Crytek two years ago. Not that my knowledge is worth mentioning but, in comparison, I was a complete n00b back then. Everything that I know is thanks to the people there. I cannot begin to express what an honour has been to work with the team on a triple A game.

As sad as leaving Crytek and all the ridiculously talented people there was, I"m very excited about the new beginning and to be back in the London life.

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