LD #26: Lighbyrinth Postmortem


Last weekend was as sleep depriving as rewarding. While I could have easily been surrounded by the joys of procrastination and beer, I went for Ludum Dare #26, as announced in my previous post. Lightbyrinth is the result of that and, despite its flaws, I"m fairly happy with the outcome. Please don’t embarrass me by looking at the source, I was in a 48 hour rush.

Lightbyrinth is a light based maze which tries to stick to the “Minismalism” democratically voted theme. You control a small blue sphere that has to find the exit of the labyrinth it’s in. An infinite swarm of red spheres will try to stop you from doing so, reason why you should move fast. Beware though, as it’s quite dark and you will only see what’s in front of you.

Play Lightbyrinth

The game targets both desktops and WebGL friendly browsers, it’s written in Java using the mighty libgdx and the Box2DLights extension.

Here’s my humble postmortem of the experience.



I may have a terribly bad memory but thanks to my notes, here’s an overview of my executed plan of action for those who might be interested.


Saturday April 27th

Sunday April 28th


What went right


What went wrong



I care not about the Ludum Dare hangover, it was an amazing experience once more. I keep learning so many things about games development and extreme time management. Not to mention the wonderful community behind all this. We all know the Internet is a hazardous place full of mean people who like to destroy other folks” work. Ludum Dare is nothing like that, of course not all the feedback was positive, but the not so good comments were all constructive and will help me get better.

On a side note, Mario from libgdx, put together a simple tool to search Ludum Dare games as an experiment to see how many people used the library. It’s ridiculously popular, shocker!

That’s brilliant. Now onto some games rating.

This time I"m going to try vote as many games as possible (30 entries so far). Towards that end, I think this Ludum Dare based drinking game could help a lot!

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